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Creating Custom Email Alerts and Subscriptions

One of the more useful and versatile tools in Edelweiss Analytics is the ability to create your own custom “push-notifications” that are delivered straight to your email. Whether daily, weekly, or monthly, you can receive lists of titles that fit a particular need that you’ve identified. Of course, you’ll likely go “Subscription-Happy” initially and send yourself a whole slew of emails that you’ll later want to scale back, so you can easily edit your email subscriptions, as well.

Here’s how:

As an example, we’ll use the Most Popular Titles lane. First, use your filters, etc. to get the list of titles you want to see. For example, you can set a Saved Filter for Mystery titles, and then click in to the red portion of the pie chart, for titles you do not own. Click the envelope icon to get to the Subscriptions tool for this particular lane:

You’ll see the Subscriptions interface, in which you can have this email sent whatever you like, change the frequency (daily, weekly monthly), and the number of titles (10, 25, or 50). Make those edits as you like, and click Save.

Note that you can see all currently scheduled emails below. Click the envelope there to send a sample right away, the edit icon to change the parameters of the email, and the trashcan to delete it.

You can create these alerts to show you a monthly report of stale kids board books that could be weeded, create separate emails for separate Collection Codes, and more! Note that the specific parameters for this email will be set according to how you have your filters set, which section of the pie graph you’re viewing, as well as the market, number of titles, etc. that you have selected for this tool. This means that you can easily create multiple email alerts from the same graph, but showing radically different information, as you please.